Hey, what's the weather, Walter?
it's on!

Today's Lennys' show is a GO!

Walter sez: Go outside and see the Lennys play!

Everyone complains about the weather, but no one does anything about it...

Welcome to the Lennys WeatherWatch page!

This page will tell you if our next outside show is on, or if it's been postponed due to the weather.

Some bands have roadies, some have limo drivers or managers, and some even have astrologists... but The Lennys have their own personal meteorologist so they know when to not go play in the rain!

Yep, Walter is a real meteorologist and has access to all kinds of fancy gadgets that keep us up to date on the current weather conditions, all the way up to right before our outdoor shows! Just check this page anytime, and if Walter's happy, the show's a go! But if he's sad, there's no show to be had!