All About the Lennys:
The Lennys are an exciting 2 guitar/bass/drums quartet who play a wide range of rock & roll, surf, and rockabilly music from the 50's through today, by artists including the Beatles, the Who, CCR, and the Rolling Stones to John Mellencamp, Green Day, Tom Petty, and Weezer. They play clubs, all ages shows, parties, corporate events, weddings, festivals and just about anywhere they can find electricity and room for a lot of people and a lot of fun! The Lennys play rock & roll for everyone!

The Lennys began in 2002 as 4 musicians all born in different decades coming together to play the best rock and roll from ALL of them, and more! They've got over 300 songs 'at their fingertips' so every show is different from the next, which keeps everyone coming back to hear what's new as well as all their favorites!

The band originated featuring brothers Johnny and Jeremy on drums and guitar, with bass and lead guitar by their dad Dave and family friend Cory sharing lead vocals. After 12 years, Johnny "went pro", joining the world-famous NRBQ, as well as the acclaimed and award-winning Beatle tribute 'Liverpool Legends' (check out his recent feature article in 'DRUM' magazine here!) While we're very proud of John's success we weren't ready to quit, so the Lennys brought in Dave's long time percussion accomplice Sean to take over the drum chair! And who could be better than the first drummer Johnny ever saw? It's like the circle of life, but with drums!

After 15 great years and hundreds of show, the Lennys are still going stronger than ever! We are continually invited back to play events, venues, and private parties year after year, and we're always looking for new places and events to play so drop us a line if you've got any place you'd like to see us!

If you've got any questions, or want to get on our mailing list, click here to email us and say hi!

See you at the next show!